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Power Shutters (Louvers)

Common Applications:
  • locomotives
  • heavy off-road equipment
  • where ever proper air flow and temperature control are critical
  • shutters can be driven by pneumatic, hydraulic or electric actuators
  • custom-manufactured to fit your opening size
  • synthetic felt seal on blades helps keep heat in when needed, dust and snow out
  • includes standard gray primer finish, unless otherwise specified by customer
  • frames available in a variety of thicknesses
  • heavy-duty frames are welded together to face the toughest of environments.
  • assembled and tested to ensure proper operation - over one-million cycles!
  • manual shutters can be manufactured from steel or aluminum
  • 3-year warranty on all shutters
  • shutters can be constructed from 10 ga. to 1/4" HR steel
  • will not fail in harsh conditions
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