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Specialists in the design and manufacture of industrial shutters (louvers).

power shutters, hydraulic shutters, pneumatic shutters, electric solonoid shutters manually operated industrial shutters fixed shutters
Heavy-duty Power Shutters, used in the rail industry and for off-road equipment, can be operated remotely by pneumatic, hydraulic or electric actuators.
Blades move via a lock in-place handle. Positions are open or closed, or multi-position. Manual Shutters are typically used in buildings and oil rigs.
The blades on Fixed Shutters do not rotate and are usually welded in place at 45º angles. Typically used as building vents in custom sizes and finishes. Bird screens are available.
custom CNC machining, custom machined products design and engineering for industrial shutters, metal fabrications, and CNC machining North Coast Tool, Inc. Erie Pa
Manufacturing capabilities include CNC punching, bending, milling and turning, welding and sheet metal fabrications.
Lathe capacity: 16" Dia. x 60" long.
Our strengths are our CAD design capabilities, 3D models, and plotting to 24-inch x 150-inch. We work with you to develop custom designs to fit your needs.
We provide our customers an unrivaled level of customer service and quality on-time products at a competitive price. Our qualilty department follows Six Sigma standards.
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